Category: General LifeSkills & Activity Camp (Ages 14-40)

  • Category: General LifeSkills & Activity Camp (Ages 14-40)

    • Apr 17, 2024
    • By: rgdsn_admin
    LifeSkills Camp will take participants through fun activities that will help them learn basic cooking, shopping, and money skills. Participants will learn and practice a variety of relationship skills for friends, work, and dating. At camp students will explore how to find a job they want, write resumes, and practice interviewing skills.
    Activity Camp will take our campers around the city of Albuquerque for a variety of venues in Albuquerque for fun, supervised activities.
    Activity Camp
    Details will be posted in May
    Activity Camp comes with admission to the venue and a light snack.  Camp providers are all licensed related service provides that will help camper navigate the park.  They will also supervise the group throughout the event.

    Registration required.



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