NM Governor's Commission on Disability Survey

This letter is to introduce an attached survey that was prepared by the NM Governor’s Commission on Disability (GCD), and is being provided to interested parties who have experienced disparities in the healthcare system.  I am looking for a variety of persons with disabilities who have had experiences (either positive or negative) in the healthcare system, which they would like to share.  The experiences you share will be included in a chapter of a book being written for the University of New Mexico by a variety of presenters in the field of employment and/or medical care. 


Based on a presentation I gave on the topic of medical access at the 2018 SUDI (Sustainability and Disability) Conference, I was asked to write a chapter on medical access from the perspective of people with disabilities.  This chapter is being written withassistance from Layla Dehamain, a researcher and co-writer of the book.  We are seeking short vignettes to highlight sections of the chapter that provide direct quotes of people’s experiences within the healthcare system. 


The types of disparities that you may want to share are as follows;


·        Health disparities such as; lack of health insurance, inaccessible healthcare, and limited knowledge by people with disabilities related to health maintenance.


·        Secondary conditions such as; poor coping and lifestyle behaviors or medical, physical, cognitive, emotional complications of primary conditions.


·        Access problems such as; architectural barriers, equipment barriers, policy barriers, program barriers, attitudinal barriers, provider lack of knowledge or lack of communication access to information.


·        Healthcare barriers such as; low rates of preventive screenings, failure to detect problems masked by disability, the use of a specialist as their usual source of care, or transportation difficulties. 


The GCD asks that you share this survey with other consumers that you know who may have experienced disparities in obtaining quality and accessible healthcare or that have had positive experiences with their healthcare providers.  Please return the survey to Lisa McNiven via email at Lisa.mcniven@state.nm.us or send it back by mail to 625 Silver Ave SW, Suite 100B Albuquerque, NM 87102 by February 22, 2019. 


If you have any questions, please email me at the above address or call me at 505-435-9326.


Thank you for your interest and support in filling out this survey.




Lisa McNiven, MPA


Lisa McNiven, MPA

Disability Consultant 

NM Governor’s Commission on Disability

625 Silver Ave SW  #100B

Albuquerque, NM 87102


Videophone #505-435-9326

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The SSI Youth Project

NORC at the University of Chicago is conducting The SSI Youth Project about the well-being of youth who are receiving Supplement Security Income, or SSI.

We are looking for Parents whose children meet the following criteria:

  1. The child is between age of 12 and 17.

  1. The child receives SSI for a mental or behavioral condition.

  1. Participants will receive $50 for a one hour interview.


        AT Salinas-Eduardo@NORC.org


         CALL US AT (773) – 325 6237