National ARC Convention in Washington- Scholarships

The Arc Down Syndrome New Mexico Fund

2019 Scholarship Application

2019 National Arc Convention

October 11-14, 2019 (Leaving October 11 and returning October 15, 2019)

Washington, DC


The National Arc through the Arc Down Syndrome New Mexico Fund has given us the opportunity to go to the National Arc Convention.  We only have 5 slots.   Scholarship covers flight for the individual with Down syndrome and one caregiver, provides a hotel room and registration for the two individuals and ground transportation from Airport to hotel. There is also funding to cover meals ($150. Per person) at the conference that is not covered by the conference (receipts will be required).  You are responsible for all other costs involved (for example:  extra guests in your room. etc.) Here is a website for the schedule for the conference


The conference is October 11-14.    If you return this form, it is assumed that you can go and are willing to follow the guidelines in a timely manner. This includes an evaluation provided by the National Arc. If you are chosen you need to follow through as slots are limited and it is unfair to those who want to go and are not chosen.  Individuals with Down syndrome who are teens/adults will be given preference.  We will be sending individuals from throughout the state.