Looking for Family Trainees for LEND and PPC Leadership Programs

Dear Parents,

My name is Phyllis Shingle and I am the Family Faculty for the NM Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental & Related Disabilities (LEND) and Pediatric Pulmonary Center (PPC) Leadership Training programs.  I am working on finding 2-4 parents who would like to participate as Family Trainees in these two training programs for the Fall 2019 and Spring 2020 semesters. 


These programs focus on training the upcoming workforce about leadership, interdisciplinary teaming, public policy, and disability.  We have trainees from a variety of disciplines such as SLP, OT, PT, social work, nutrition, self-advocacy and family leadership.  The professional disciplines are graduate students or professionals in the field.


If you have the ability to come to seminars each Friday for the Fall and Spring semesters and want to network with future professionals, gain new skills, and model interdisciplinary teams that include parents, I would love to talk to you about participating in as a Family Trainee in one of these programs. There are stipends for each semester.


I've attached one document about the LEND program and one about the PPC program.  Please email me at pshingle@salud.unm.edu. We can set up a time to talk and answer any questions. 


NM LEND website: http://www.cdd.unm.edu/nmlend/


PPC website: https://mchb.hrsa.gov/training/projects.asp?program=15


Thank you!

Phyllis Shingle, LCSW CIRS

CDD Information Network & UNM CDD Mi Via Manager

NM LEND & PPC Family Faculty

Cell: 505-321-9384

Fax: 505-272-5883