Harvard Business School Study on Importance of Employers Supporting Caregivers

The Harvard Business School did an important study looking at caregivers in the workforce. Here is the link to the Report:



Report Overview: The Caring Company, authored by Harvard Business School Professor Joe Fuller and Managing the Future of Work Project Director and Senior Researcher Manjari Raman, is an important and timely examination of how people providing care to family members or friends are faring professionally, how these responsibilities are affecting them at work, and the shortcomings and future implications of employers failing to support caregivers.


Companies are facing a caregiving crisis—they just refuse to acknowledge it. Rising health care and professional caregiving costs and changing demographics over the past few decades have put great pressure on American employees as they try to balance work and care responsibilities. Unfortunately, many employers remain largely oblivious to the growing costs of this hidden “care economy”—costs that hurt employers and employees alike.


Based on a nationally representative survey, the report shows how important and urgent an issue this is and provides common-sense solutions for how employers can support their employees who are providing important care to family and friends.


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If you want to share your experiences with caregiving and have your voice heard, Joe Fuller would love to hear from you. Stories submitted will be shared anonymously on social media or will be used in the future as Professor Fuller and his team work to bring attention to this important issue.


Please submit stories to ManagingTheFutureOfWork@hbs.edu.


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