State Fair Sensory Station

Dear Rio Grande Down Syndrome Network,


My name is Cesar Colunga, I am currently an employee of EXPO New Mexico.  This year The State Fair is designing an area called the "State Fair Sensory Station." We are aware that the State Fair can be an overly stimulating environment; we want to create an area that parents can take their children to an indoor private area who may need to deescalate.  The area is open for anybody because it is a public space, however, the target market is to accommodate individuals who special needs, such as Autism or Down Syndrome.  I have met with the New Mexico Autism Society and have gotten ideas and advice from them.  I was wondering if I could potentially meet with somebody from the Rio Grande Down Syndrome Network, or if you could get me in contact with somebody that would know the answers to the questions I might have, and to questions I haven't even thought to ask yet.  I am in charge of making this area a reality and the New Mexico State Fair is the first to include an area like this in their fair.  I am determined to make this area a success and with the advice and guidance from the Rio Grande Down Syndrome Network, I know that this area shall be a success. As of right now, I am drawing most my inspiration from the Sensory-Friendly Hours of Explora.


Hope to hear from you soon.


Cesar Colunga
State Fair Sensory Station Coordinator
New Mexico State Fair/EXPO New Mexico