Neuroscience Day Registration

Deadline for registering for Neuroscience Day is tomorrow, March 1, at close of business. We would love to see you -- and your stakeholders who are interested in Neuroscience! 



Here is a detailed description of the day's activities:  

UNM Neuroscience Day     Thursday, March 16, 2017

UNM Domenici Education Center

9 am

Poster session, community tables, and two sessions of Awareness Through Movement (R).

* If your nonprofit wants a display table about the condition(s) you represent, let us know. We have heard from some of you, but want to make sure we have enough tables set up. 

* I attended an Awareness Through Movement class today. It's great. It's also accessible for ALL abilities. The instructor -- from the UNM Center for Life -- plans on designing the class for chairs/wheelchairs, so that no one will have to stand. I highly recommend attending one of the sessions. (9:15-10 am or 10:15-11 am)

11:45 am

Michael C. Wilson Memorial Lecture with Robert T. Knight, MD, Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience, UC Berkeley, awards announcements, and more.
1:00 pm
Supporting Caregivers in New Mexico:  What Models and Policies Work?
Panel and discussion  We hope to center the presentation/discussion on models and ideas that focus on solutions around outreach/education/training to move the conversation from frustrations to opportunities for next steps. We're confirming participants right now, but we're very excited about their caliber and broad perspectives.

Small group discussions

This year, again, we have reserved rooms for small group discussions. A few of you have reserved rooms around Parkinsons, MS, Autism, Brain Recovery/Repair, CCM, Aging and Memory. If anyone else wants a room, please let us know.


Finally, the attachment might be of interest to you an your stakeholders:  NM State Plan for Family Caregivers. Please feel free to pass it on!


Thank you,



Pari Noskin, MSW

Community Liaison, UNM BBHI
Program Manager, UNM Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences