Call for Participants in Study - Skill Building for Infants w/ DS

What are we studying?
We are studying skill building activities designed to help infants 4-18 months of age with Down syndrome develop important early problem solving skills, called goal-directed behaviors. In older children, goal-directed behaviors are skills that help children complete everyday tasks in their home, school, and community environments.
Infants will participate in playful activities with toys for both assessment and intervention.

How much time will this take?
Parents and their infants will participate in two 30-45 minute sessions. Parents will be asked to participate in 5-10 minutes/day of playful intervention activities in the home. Parents also will be asked to complete questionnaires about their child’s development.

Who can participate?
Infants with Down syndrome and their parents can participate.

Are there any benefits?
Families will receive $50.00 for their time upon completion of the study. In addition, at your request we will provide you with a written summary of the study findings when the entire project is completed.

Who is doing this study?
Dr. Deborah Fidler and Dr. Lisa Daunhauer
Department of Human Development & Family Studies, Colorado State University

Want to Find Out More?
Contact Our Team!
Emily Schworer
Phone: 970-491-1969