DD Waiver Update

This message is from Ellen Pinnes and The Disability Coalition. 


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There are 6,500 people on the waiting list for the Developmental Disabilities Waiver (DDW) and wait times have grown to 12 years or more.  With state revenues this year the highest they’ve ever been, it’s time for New Mexico to move people onto the waiver and cut those ridiculously long waits.


In a report issued last summer, the Legislative Finance Committee called for a five-year plan to reduce the DDW waiting list. HB 68, sponsored by Rep. Liz Thomson, responds to that recommendation and directs the Department of Health to move at least 600 people off the waiting list and into waiver services each year for five years.  A total of 3,000 people would be added to the waiver over those five years.  The bill includes a $25 million appropriation to implement this multi-year plan.  The money would be matched with federal Medicaid dollars, for a total of more than $90 million available to add individuals to the waiver (both the traditional DD waiver and Mi Via).  This money would become part of the “base budget” for the department, which means this higher level of funding would be kept up in future years.


HB 68 passed its first committee, House Health & Human Services, unanimously.  But the HB 68 plan won’t be adopted unless the funding is added to the state budget bill, HB 2.   The House Appropriations and Finance Committee (HAFC) is working now to put that budget bill together.  We urge you to contact members of HAFC with a simple message:  ask them to include $25 million in HB 2 to the Department of Health for the HB 68 five-year plan to reduce the DD waiver waiting list. 


The most important people to contact are the Chair and Vice-Chair of the Committee, and the members of the subcommittee that will recommend funding levels for the Department of Health:


            Rep. Patricia Lundstrom, HAFC Chair, 986-4316, patricia.lundstrom@nmlegis.gov

            Rep. Bobby Gonzales, HAFC Vice Chair, 986-4319, roberto.gonzales@nmlegis.gov


            Sub-Committee members:

            Rep. Rudy Martinez, Sub-Committee Chair, 986-4233, rodolpho.martinez@nmlegis.gov

            Rep. Nathan Small, Sub-Committee Vice Chair, 986-4438, nathan.small@nmlegis.gov

            Rep. Anthony Allison, 986-4254, anthony.allison@nmlegis.gov

            Rep. Cathrynn Brown, 986-4242, c.brown.nm55@gmail.com

            Rep. Randal Crowder, 986-4250, randal.crowder@nmlegis.gov

            Rep. Jack Chatfield, 986-4467, jackc@plateautel.net

            Rep. Melanie Stansbury, 986-4336, malanie.stansbury@nmlegis.gov

            Rep. Candie Sweetser, 986-4255, candie.sweetser@nmlegis.gov

            Rep. Christine Trujillo, 986-4249, christine.trujillo@nmlegis.gov


            Other members of the HAFC, who will also vote on the budget bill:

            Rep. Phelps Anderson, 986-4450, phelps.anderson@nmlegis.gov

            Rep. Gail Armstrong, 986-4242, gail@gailfornewmexico.com

            Rep. Paul Bandy, 986-4250, paul@paulbandy.org

            Rep. Harry Garcia, 986-4233, hgarciad69@gmail.com

            Rep. Javier Martinez, 986-4236, javier.martinez@nmlegis.gov

            Rep. Tomás Salazar,986-4236, tomas.salazar@nmlegis.gov

            Rep. Joseph Sanchez, 986-4226, joseph.sanchez@nmlegis.gov

Thanks for making the voice of the disability community heard!


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The Disability Coalition is administered by Disability Rights New Mexico and is funded in part by

the New Mexico Developmental Disabilities Planning Council through Federal Program funding. 

Additional funding is provided by The Arc of New Mexico,

the Independent Living Resource Center, New Vistas and DRNM.


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2019 DSF Scholarships!!

2019 DSF Scholarship

Have you been interested in attending a national conference or convention pertaining to Down syndrome to gain knowledge to help you and your family? How about network with families across the country and within New Mexico? Well you're in luck! The DSF offers a scholarship to families of individuals with Down syndrome to help cover cost of attending conferences and conventions across the nation. If you are interested in applying for the DSF scholarship please click the link below to complete the scholarship application.

Suggested conferences and conventions:
Parents Reaching Out Conference<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001IvbvzDyMFXOHhGd25T4So8oJWZD7tvZOluLy4FlN_RMR6v72v2hDCFN8qbEf-cUDzVDHz6aw9BWuBJOyot0pL-_BhbIaDJvd2CdEEHNDwHxEruYizoZruB3O6yyl7rYLVrG-uw5r5xcXFhG6SU0y2jPyIEm9n_a3ENa9mme9PFNWe-0eFnGwsoMUdA5BSEP9&c=XaJJX7fBKZdVivrIwse1AlyhV87KuX-KR11o4zO4nMFvWwQKOfRe-g==&ch=EhECD9A4qKJeDLWcmZSbZ7PsqOWGGeMRgfi2fyRcRqShhQw_mB5oSQ==>
Albuquerque, NM
April 18-19

Buddy Walk® on Washington<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001IvbvzDyMFXOHhGd25T4So8oJWZD7tvZOluLy4FlN_RMR6v72v2hDCDjH3PKV4NOaWh-r9OEGpjnXEaJUDq-TD4bI3BSyVHi44yWLp9XaMg8oBb8E00o3l-xYC3KFprcht_D0sHJub_xeBKTLGxtYfCX_OA5KKYaOXPEDMqay0DsnhZEF27TdtQtbth8XxyvcMVqR_1AuN79WPc71RSXaWm2HB3sp9cl7mAmjPAu8da5932SReiMNwNs_LuOj9rMee-VB2pkKWHY=&c=XaJJX7fBKZdVivrIwse1AlyhV87KuX-KR11o4zO4nMFvWwQKOfRe-g==&ch=EhECD9A4qKJeDLWcmZSbZ7PsqOWGGeMRgfi2fyRcRqShhQw_mB5oSQ==>
Washington, DC
March 5-6

National Down Syndrome Convention<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001IvbvzDyMFXOHhGd25T4So8oJWZD7tvZOluLy4FlN_RMR6v72v2hDCDjH3PKV4NOas7KbVA30PCQLoTORkIqoALbNapqQZZQHiZR2DDcTlq8PL-uyz58w82NQBnHlgVbeN-IeMEAOQmVDcwr4VaQtpHeMIL1gFB2fITht1p6AmC9-u8wUbNkv_A==&c=XaJJX7fBKZdVivrIwse1AlyhV87KuX-KR11o4zO4nMFvWwQKOfRe-g==&ch=EhECD9A4qKJeDLWcmZSbZ7PsqOWGGeMRgfi2fyRcRqShhQw_mB5oSQ==>
Pittsburgh, PA
June 27-29

The scholarship is not limited to these events. Please let us know if there are other conferences or conventions that you would like to attend.

Deadline is February 8th!

Harvard Business School Study on Importance of Employers Supporting Caregivers

The Harvard Business School did an important study looking at caregivers in the workforce. Here is the link to the Report:



Report Overview: The Caring Company, authored by Harvard Business School Professor Joe Fuller and Managing the Future of Work Project Director and Senior Researcher Manjari Raman, is an important and timely examination of how people providing care to family members or friends are faring professionally, how these responsibilities are affecting them at work, and the shortcomings and future implications of employers failing to support caregivers.


Companies are facing a caregiving crisis—they just refuse to acknowledge it. Rising health care and professional caregiving costs and changing demographics over the past few decades have put great pressure on American employees as they try to balance work and care responsibilities. Unfortunately, many employers remain largely oblivious to the growing costs of this hidden “care economy”—costs that hurt employers and employees alike.


Based on a nationally representative survey, the report shows how important and urgent an issue this is and provides common-sense solutions for how employers can support their employees who are providing important care to family and friends.


*Note: When sharing the report on social media, please use the hashtag #HowICare and tag @JosephBFuller. I am also attaching graphics and shareable statistics


For Grassroots:


If you want to share your experiences with caregiving and have your voice heard, Joe Fuller would love to hear from you. Stories submitted will be shared anonymously on social media or will be used in the future as Professor Fuller and his team work to bring attention to this important issue.


Please submit stories to ManagingTheFutureOfWork@hbs.edu.


All shared stories will remain strictly anonymous


Join the Conversation


Want to share your own caregiving story with the world? Using the hashtag #HowICare to share how caregiving plays a roll in your life.  


Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions, thank you!




Nicole T. Jorwic, J.D. jorwic@thearc.org

Director, Rights Policy, The Arc 
1825 K Street NW, Suite 1200, Washington, D.C. 20006
Cell: 630-915-8339

UNM Continuum of Care Information

Happy New Year!  I received your voicemail and I thank you for your return call.  I wanted to get some information out to you about the UNM Continuum of Care and the work we do on behalf of individuals who have intellectual/developmental disabilities.  Our website can be found at:   https://coc.unm.edu/.   


The Continuum of Care supports a number of clinics that are available to anyone with I/DD having a variety of funding sources (i.e. MCO, private insurance, Waiver programs) for care and support.  In some instances, some of the clinics we are affiliated with are free.  Clinics include the Adult Cerebral Palsy (CP) Clinic, the Ketogenic Diet Clinic and the DD/MI Clinic.  Continuum also collaborates with the UNM Special Needs Clinic and the Transdisciplinary Evaluation and Supports Clinic (TEASC) serving those with complex I/DD and medical needs.  The latter two clinics are supported by an interdisciplinary team who communicates any recommendations/suggestions to a patient’s established medical professionals, community supports etc...   


The Continuum of Care also provides a number of free community trainings for organizations working with individuals with I/DD including but not limited to trainings on seizures/epilepsy, ketogenic diet, end of life issues, healthcare decision making (power of attorney, guardianship, surrogates) and how to help individuals/families make the most of their doctor visits.  Additionally, the Continuum of Care offers a number of trainings during the fiscal year with free state approved continuing education credits for NM licensed social workers and nurses.  The expectation to register for these trainings is that social workers and nurses attending the trainings are working with individuals having I/DD as all trainings are geared toward this population.  These trainings are typically advertised on the Continuum website about 30 days in advance of the trainings.  Space is limited so we encourage people to register early.  Family members, guardians and care givers of individuals with I/DD can also attend these trainings.


In addition to clinics and trainings, the Continuum also maintains a wheelchair accessible scale for adults living in the community with I/DD to access for free. 


I greatly appreciate your time in sharing this information with your organization.  I would be happy to attend any meetings or gatherings your organization may have in order to provide information about the Continuum of Care along with a number of brochures to help address our role as a resource and support for the community.  Additionally, if you would like to be added to the training flyer email distribution list for future trainings, please let me know. 


Please feel free to contact me if you have questions or if I can provide further information.  Thank you,  Christine


Christine Wester

Health Educator

UNM Continuum of Care

(505) 925-2395